Mom’s Childhood

Mom's Childhood 1

Mom's Childhood 2

Mom's Childhood 3

Mom's Childhood 4

Mom's Childhood 5


Close up of hand decorated background made from paper napkins, using Modge Podge and covered with paper Vellum Please see techniques and tutorials.
Decoupage and Napkin Art


Close up


Close up of Time 4 crafts paper
Scrapbooked March 2011
Five pages of 12″ x 12″
Photographed on my Magnetic board
Nikon D70 ©
40mm Lens, external flash unit andFlash Diffuser
Perspective Correction

Mom and cousin

Photo from layout
My mother Miriam Blackie (29.12.1934 -30.9.2006) and my cousin sitting on a bench.
Circa 1945
I love mom’s open toed sandals and locks.


Font: Monotype Corsiva
Notes: I use a foam brush as a brush with bristles leaves fine lines.
The paper napkins aren’t acid free, but they are covered with Modge Podge, Vellum and photo mats.
Sources: Please click for more
Coin Envelope Template from Chia’s house of Stir fry (150 %)
Supplies: Paper: Time 4 crafts
Paper napkins, Silk Hydrangeas, Vellum,
Duncan Enterprises – Aleene’s Memory Glue – 2 oz
Matt Modge Podge by Plaid
I have tested Modge Podge and it is acid free.
“Forever in time” double sided 3 D Pop Dots
Techniques/Tutorials: Decoupage
Napkin Art
How to Use Decorative Edge Scissors for Projects
Attaching vellum
Tools: Please click for more
Decorative Edge Scissors
Deckle ruler Stencil


Flower Girls by Nancy Hill
Please click for more

Sleep baby sleep

“Sleep baby sleep” from my book Scrapbooking friends and family


Mom's School days

Mom’s school days

My parent's wedding

My parent’s wedding

Family gathering




  1. Lovely job, Toke.

    Your family photos look like ours. Love the black and white photos and the group shots with extended family with people actually pausing long enough for the photo to be taken.


    • Thank you nrhatch

      That’s nice to know 😉

      I often wonder what people of the past would think of today’s photos.
      I am very fortunate my one uncle was a photographer, I remember him using a tripod, light-meter, etc. It took time to have everyone posed, but some excellent photos were taken, which are precious to me today.


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