Christmas Dreams

Header made from the photo below.

Christmas village at a friend’s house.
Detail of Christmas village

Christmas village at night

Christmas decorations at my friend’s house.

Decorated shop window

Decorated shop window

A gift from a friend.
In our suburb
The same house as above in Calgary
Calgary Suburb

Calgary City Park

Downtown Mall, Calgary
Mall, Downtown, Calgary
Shop in the town of Banff Town


Christmas Scrapbooking


  1. Wow, Christmas is coming! You have just gave us a bunch through these great photos, Tokoloshe! I see my home city still gets as excited as ever about dressing itself in lights and decorations. Makes me a little homesick!

    And about those two dogs. The expressions are priceless.


    • Yes it is! I’m glad you liked it. Did you see the snow-flakes?

      Coming from South-Africa, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

      Yes, they sure L-O-V-E the holidays 😉


    • You would love it ; -)

      Although some years we don’t have snow, but I walked in two foot deep snow yesterday at the park and we have a Chinook at the moment.


  2. GORGEOUS!! LOVE the twinkly night-time shots especially! I so feel ski season coming on – and we’re missing it this year! Will just have to soak up the sun instead 🙂


    • Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it 😉

      It helps to have good camera, steady hands and warm clothes.

      We had so much snow and even though we had a Chinook, it looks like a good season.

      Think of us with our short days.


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