Distant Relatives

distant 1

distant 2distant 3Scrapbooked April 2009
12″ x 12″
Font: Courier PS size 9

Distant Relatives
Distant relatives in a post bound album
Nikon D70 ©

Notes: To fit three photos next to each other on a 12″ x 12″ page, print the photos 3 ” x 5″ instead of 5 ” x 7″. The mats are about 3 1/4″ x 5 1/4″ , which leaves a small gap for the background to show through.
I have found that black and white photos print better on mat paper.

I use a craft knife to remove stickers
Emphera labels from Sassyarts
Deco Art Americana paints
“Although not labeled as such, Deco Art Americana paints are acid-free.
(Info from Deco Art’s chemist).” – Rebecca Baer
Postcard Template Designedlykristi
Supplies: Card stock, Chipboard frames, Gold Embossing Powder, fabric leaves, gold photo corners, Modge Podge by PlaidI used Lab Hydrion pH Test paper to test the Modge Podge and it wasn’t Acidic
Paper: K & Company Memory stor, postage stamp, Sticker King Stickers, etc
How to Emboss using embossing powders and a heatgun
Inked edges

Tools: Craft and embossing heat gun.

The gift of friendship
From the book: “Hand lettering made easy” by Debra Beagle (Author)

Sketch turned on side from the book made in Adobe Photoshop

Heritage from My book
Scrapbooking your favorite favorite family memories

Van Ellewee

Family Portraits
I used the same sketch and inspiration.

Please click for more of my Scrapbooking

Supplies, tools, hints, sources, techniques, etc.

More YouTube craft videos


Edit: For Cindy

Label from Sassyarts


  1. Loved the photo of your feline helper who posed gorgeously while you were doing all the work! You obviously have a great talent for bringing all of this incredible family history together. Can you imagine what they would say if they had ever known that they’d be shown the world over?!


    • One day they will be able to clone a cat from all the cat hair in my pages 😉

      Thank you, fortunately there is a lot of information, beautiful supplies, helpful technology and much appreciated feedback.

      I hope they won’t mind. That is the reason my images are so small, so that their faces and names aren’t clear.

      I was fortunate to have seen Mila’s Daydreams

      before she removed all her photos. ;-(


      • Oh, Tok, Mila’s story is so very sad. Yuk. What a scary and maddening disappointment. Thanks for linking this blog because it shows how innocent one can be. When photos of people are put into books, is there automatically copyright protection? This really does bring a lot to consider!

        I think of some blogs I read that are very personal stories of current family members – told in the name of humour. Yike…hope they love each other forever!!

        Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


        • She is such a creative and original person, it must have taken so such patience and love to create what she did.

          A mother already has so much to do and then still to take more time to journal your children’s lives in such a way is amazing.

          I feel for so much for her, I hope she keeps on staging her lovely daughter and taking photos of her when she sleeps. It takes courage to keep up her blog.

          Copyright on books, I don’t know, but what stops people from doing it anyway?

          I love this idea by Kathy, Memory Monday, but how to do it and still protect the people’s privacy?


          I have a private blog, but the feedback would be so helpful.

          Thank you for caring.
          Take care.


    • Technology also keeps me motivated by all the positive feedback that I get.

      Lol, I was just thinking yesterday when I did the post, was it Scottish Oatmeal or Oatmeal with Scotch in? Did they have Merlot and other flavors as well?

      Label added to post for you 😉


    • We are so fortunate to have so many lovely supplies, information, technology and blogger friends to share our passions with.

      I am also grateful to my family for giving me this treasure of photographs, negatives, documents and information.

      I spoke to a lady recently, who told me that she was very excited to receive a whole box of old family photographs, but when she went through them, there was hardly any information about the people in them and she did know who they were, except that they were relations.

      Thank you very much Lisa 😉


  2. As always the work is beautiful. I have been sorting. have a scanner and will soon start scrap booking!!! Your work is inspiring!!


  3. Thank you very much Lisa 😉

    That’s great news! Congratulations! I am so looking forward to your layouts.
    Your web-sites and blogs are wonderful!

    That is music to my ears, Scrap-buddy, your feedback is much appreciated.


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