White Rock ’10

Blackie Spit Park off-leash dog area near White Rock in British Columbia, Canada.


“Blackie Spit Park located in the Crescent Beach borough of Surrey, British Columbia lies on the shores of Boundary Bay. The unique flatlands habitat sees over two hundred species of birds living around or migrating through annually.

The Park is named after Walter Blackie who was also New Westminster’s first blacksmith and previously owned this section of Crescent Beach. The Spit is composed mostly of gravel with grassy and marshy brush further up from the shoreline. Its unique composition was formed during the last ice age and shaped by centuries of erosion from the tidal activity of Boundary Bay. ” – Blackie Spit Park

Blackie Spit Park near White Rock in British Columbia.

“A spit or sandspit is a deposition landform found off coasts. At one end, spits connect to land, while at the far end they exist in open water.[1] A spit is a type of bar or beach that develops where a re-entrant occurs, such as at cove’s headlands, by the process of longshore drift. Longshore drift (also called littoral drift) occurs due to waves meeting the beach at an oblique angle, and backwashing perpendicular to the shore, moving sediment down the beach in a zigzag pattern. Longshore drifting is complemented by longshore currents, which transport sediment through the water alongside the beach. These currents are set in motion by the same oblique angle of entering waves that causes littoral drift and transport sediment in a similar process.[2]” Wikipedia

Ducks crossing the road.
Hazelmere RV Park near White Rock in B.C.
Nikon D70 ©

Pond at Hazelmere RV Park
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Nikon D 70 ©

We stayed at Hazelmere RV Park near White Rock in B.C. for the first and last few days of our Vacation.

“This seaside community is clustered around an eight kilometer sandy beach and the warm shallow waters of Semiahmoo Bay and is flanked on the south by the Canada/US border and Blaine, Washington.

“White Rock Beach is famous for its 1,500 ft. long pier, its 2.5km long beach promenade and of course the large white rock which weighs in at 486 tons and is a glacial deposit from the coastal range.” –

The first time we had a full hook-up and the second time we had a partial hook-up.

The park is quite, with a pool, hot tub, laundry, pond, creek, playground, washrooms, off leash dog area, mini golf, free wireless, etc.


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    • We are so lucky, most cities have off leash parks. The caravan park we stayed in had a wonderful one too, so the dogs got some exercise everyday.


  1. Can’t fathom the W (Press This) button. I tried it here and also got ‘Cheatin’ uh?’…wierd. Think I’ll ask support about it.


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