Campin’ Trip ’10

Boerewors Braai and pap.
South-African Barbecue
Nikon D70 ©


We bought a Dutchmen Sport Travel Trailer (185 DB) ( Caravan) and went on a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


“Sticks And Stones”
Joe Schmidt

Apparently the Caravans don’t come with Melamine crockery, like those of my childhood in South-Africa, so we had to pack it quickly.

Our next adventure

I hardly had time to Google (Googel in Afrikaans 😉 ) what and how to pack, but we didn’t do too badly.
Nothing serious broke, my clothes on hangers only fell down once, despite climbing a curb or two, speed-bumps, bad roads, detours and road-works.
(Tok dropped and broke one egg on the floor while we were standing still.)

Boerewors “Braaisous”, eggs and pap.
South-African Barbecue
Nikon D70 ©

We had a wonderful time, met many nice people and made wonderful new friends.


We plan to go camping again soon, so I am hoping to get a bit more organized.
Do you have any camping hints, Camping links or camping recipes to share?
What is your best camping story?
I would love to hear from you.

Here are some of my Camping links.

More photos of the trip coming soon.

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    • ;-)Usually it’s the other way round.

      I was just thinking the other day, we are so lucky, the guys braai even through winter. We have heaters on our deck. LOL

      We are a wonderful group from Richards-bay who get together at least once a month, sometimes every weekend for a braai, the conversation is relaxed, I sometimes laugh till my ribs ache, everyone knows how I like my meat, that I don’t have sugar in my coffee and keeps my glass of Merlot filled.

      To friends!


  1. Hear hear: ‘To Friends! AWESOME post, Tokeloshe, LOVE it!! Nothing like a good SA braai in the great outdoors!! Brilliant choice of camera too 😀 We’ve only been to Vancouver in winter, but can imagine just how STUNNING it must be now!

    Mention of Richard’s Bay, however, brings hair-raising memories to mind. Dave had a terrible motorbike racing accident at Huhluwe a few years back. He was casevac’d to R’s Bay Netcare & spent 11 days in ICU…it was h e c t i c.


    • Thank you Naomi. 😉

      I scrapbooked some of my girlfriends:

      We are lucky to have such great cameras and take as many photos as we want to. Do you use Nikon?

      It was a bit dry, they had fire-bans, but I think they have since had some rain and they might be lifted.

      Oh no! That must have been terrible.


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