Stampede 2010

Giddy up folks it’s that time of year again!
Please  Calgary Stampede fo’ mo’e info’mashun about the
All photos Nikon Coolpix ©

Thursday we haided t’th’ Stampede show groun’s. It was sunny an’ 30 Degrees Celsius.

On the train it was a hot as Satin’s oven. I felt like stashin’ my hat.

Whut in tarnation ah love about this hyar time of year, is thet yo’ kin git on a train, wif a cowfella hat, cowfella boots, kerchief, bolo, etc. an’ nobody gives yo’ a second look, yo’ hafta be mighty fine dressed ta ketch some ones eye.

“The Calgary Stampede, which bills itself as The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, is a large festival, exhibition, and rodeo held in Calgary, Alberta for 10 days every summer from early to mid-July. It is one of Canada’s largest annual events, and the world’s largest outdoor rodeo. It features an internationally recognized rodeo competition, a midway, stage shows, concerts, agricultural competitions, chuckwagon races, First Nations exhibitions, and pancake breakfasts around the city, among other attractions.” – Wikipedia

It was hot inough t’wifer a fence post.
It was so dry, th’ bushes follered th’ houn’dogs aroun’, eff’n ya git mah meanin’.
Ah felt like a tee totaller in th’ last chance saloon, as enny fool kin plainly see.

At th’ groun’s it was as noisy as a ca’f co’ral, ah reckon.

Tok was grinnin’ like a jackass eatin’ cactus.


Great moosic! Fry mah hide!

Great grub an’ compenny.

Thar was some Purdy outfits, some wif matchin’ purses


Chuckwagon Races

Yo’ kin jest see Pengrowth Saddledome in th’ back

The Budweiser Wagon.

Them houn’dogs were ackin like they were tryin’ t’chin th’ moon, as enny fool kin plainly see.
One mean Bronco, he had a nose yuh c’d sto’e a small houn’dog in, as enny fool kin plainly see.
He arched he’s back like a mule in a hailsto’m; he was travellin’ faster than bad noos at a church social, ah reckon.

Grandstand show

Thar were trimenjus screens ev’rywhar, jest in case yo’ c’d’t see o’ hear fine

TransAlta’s “Light Up the Night” firewawks extryvaganza.

It was th’ bess firewawks show ah had see in a long time.

Stampede showgroun’ at night.

Thar was so much grub fo’ sale, eff’n yo’ had inough money, yo”d nevah starve.

Y’all come back now ya hear!


Translated with The Dialectizer

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Some photos fum previous years fo’ yer injoyment.

Painted store window
By No Limit Artistic Design
July 2008

Thet’s our Jeep an’ kinoe in th’ city, wif th’ plus fif’een wif painted windows at th’ back. Shet mah mouth!

heritgae park

Heritage Park Historical Village
Stampede Party , 2006

Tok at th’ pareede 2005

Heritage Park Historical Village, Stampede Party

Simons Valley Ranch, Stampede B.B.Q
Tok 2003


Tok at th’ train stashun durin’ Stampede
Aboot 1999

Now be a trimenjus spo’t an’ hoof it to th’ Dialectizer , choose Redneck, type in yer comments on this hyar post, copy an’ paste it in th’ comments box.


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10 Responses to Stampede 2010

  1. Tokeloshe says:

    Now tell me thet this hyar was th’ longess post yo’ evah read, cuss it all t’ tarnation. To he’p yo’ git back. Shet mah mouth! Click on mah Signature. Don’t fo’git t’leave a comment.

    Take yer spurs off befo’e a-gonna bed


  2. cindy says:

    Hee hah, ride ’em Cowgal!

    (Very entertaining post Tok *grin*)


    • Tokeloshe says:

      Howdy! Fry mah hide!


      ah reckon it’s about time yo’ an’ ah Mozey down t’th’ saloon an’ join th’ folks in some line dancin’.

      Whut in tarnation does yo’ reckon?

      Thanks, ah’s glad yo’ liked it.

      Yo’ haf ya’ll a great weekend now yo’ hear,


  3. colonialist says:

    Ah sho-nuff smiled like a b’ar in a honeypot at yo’ imagery an’ images!


  4. Jingle says:

    fun stuff!


  5. Tokeloshe says:

    I will thanks 😉


  6. Pingback: July « Tokoloshe

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