Ghost River

The men and dogs went to the Ghost River Wilderness area.
All photos Nikon D300

Margaret Lake
Nikon D300 ©

More photos of Margaret Lake and the area
Directions from

The Wall.

Click here for a Map of the area from

The Falls.

Black Rock Mountain

Black Rock Mountain

Black Rock Mountain

The Other coastThe Other coast
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Recommended Book:
Kananaskis Country Trail Guide,
Volume 1 (Paperback)
by Gillean Daffern (Author)



External links:

Slide-show from Summit Post

Map of the area

Summit Post


Alberta’s Provincial Parks


  1. Hey hey Toks… been missing you! Just catching up with all your posts… I’m 1/2 way (not leaving comments on the others). Really enjoyed the ballet pages and the festival post and of course your stunning pictures here and in the previous. Gorgeous horses..
    I’ve been so busy, haven’t had much time to sit and post (managed one this weekend). Going to send you my phone number here in the Bay area – if you get a chance you can give me a quick call one of these days.
    Lotsa love and hugs


    • d1nx!

      It’s great to see you.
      Thank you 😉 I’m glad you like it. Thank you for the rating.

      How are you, I hope well? How is the stash coming a long, are you rested or do you need a vacation again LOL?

      Thanks for signing my guest-book,I left a note there too, you are a star.

      That will be nice.

      We miss you ;-(
      Big Hug


    • It is and so green with all the rain we had.

      I don’t know, hubby spotted it.
      I suppose it’s littering, but it is funny ;-)Hangman

      Unfortunately some people leave garbage behind, which is sad, but then others clean up again.


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