4 Pages of 12″ x 12″
Scrap-booked: July 2010
Scanned: Epson RX 595
Photoshop Photomerge

Patterned paper Slab V by Provo Craft

I got this idea from a book I recently read.
Keep the packaging in which embellishment are sold,
use to mix your paint and discard when finished.
Anchors: “Forever in time”,
Brads: “Forever in time”,
Card-stock Paperbilities
Slab V by Provo Craft and Wausau® Exact® Pastels Pastel-Colored Paper used or journaling
“Although not labeled as such, Deco Art Americana paints are acid-free.
(Info from Deco Art’s chemist).” – Rebecca Baer
Ink Pads, Forever in time” punched paper flowers, sticker, punched letters,

Bone folder
Make your own borders from punched out shapes.
How to Attach a Brad
Hole punch,
Heart Stencil

As long as I can remember I have been passionate over something. First it was ballet, then Modern dance, Aerobics, teaching mime, crafts like folk art, batiks, and pottery, then I loved to work on the computer, making my own website with graphics, then I started blogging and now I am passionate over scrapbooking.

Some of the Photos

Cecchetti Ballet Examination
Studio portrait
Continental Studio
Klerksdorp, South-Africa

Journal Note: My baby sister was 2 months old, my mother didn’t drive at the time and my father worked shifts.
Klerksdorp was about 7 miles from Stilfontein where we lived. I can’t remember much, but my mother was more nervous than I was. In those days our ribbons were sewn together. In those days our ribbons were sewn together and mom did that, while her hands were shaking.

“Nocturne” in a Ballet Concert
Swakopmund, South-West Africa.
Professional photo

“Heart of Glass” Modern Dance
December 1984
I am the pale one, I was 30 years old and our son was two
Empangeni, South-Africa

Aerobics Marathon 1990
Richardsbay, South-Africa
Team “Ninja Turtles”
I’m in front with the red mask


Ribbon Borders
Add from my magazine
Creating Keepsakes
August 2005

Ribbon Borders
Add from my magazine Creating Keepsakes
August 2005


My Crafts

My Scrapboooking


Supplies, tools, hints, sources, techniques, etc.



  1. Some fascinating interests. It is good, I think, to move on from some and to be ready to embrace others. Passion is, usually, something that will not last indefinitely. Of course, there are exceptions. I find, for me, that music is one.


    • I am very fortunate that my family is supportive. 😉

      I have realized that it usually lasts for about 5 years and I never know what will be next.

      I think it’s great to have a passion.


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