My Hobbies

My Scrapbook albums
The third album is filling up fast
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Nikon D70 ©

My Scrapbook albums
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Nikon D70 ©

View from the side.
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Nikon D70 ©


I tie ribbons to the ring binder in the same color as the layout, to mark the pages so that I can find them easier.
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Nikon D70 ©


I got a this idea from the book,Making Family Journals” by Linda Blinn


My bookshelf
With photo albums in the bottom row.
Nikon D70 ©


Here is a shelf with some more of our photo albums.


One of my albums with negatives in sleeves.
I also have boxes filled with negatives.


Our first year in Canada album with Post card style journaling.

Craft room

My Craft-room
I use glass sheets to flatten and protect my work.
Nikon D70 18mm ©

I try to always tidy up my workspace before I start a new scrapbook layout.
This is what it looked like before.
I use an empty tissue-box for the little scraps that I throw away.
I use a lot of mounting squares.

Another before shot.
Jay! I just got a Hypotrochoid art set.
I have started on some more collage backgrounds,
which are being flattened under glass sheets.


A shelf with some supplies
Nikon D70 ©

Some of my supplies on a Lazy Susan
I got this idea from
Heidi Swapp.
Nikon D70 ©


The view from my craft-room
You can just see The Rocky Mountains at the back.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Nikon D70
55 mm ©


View from my window in winter on a misty day.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Nikon D70 ©
Exposure: 1/100 sec
Aperture: 11.0
Focal Length: 18mm
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View from my window

November 2008
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My Workspace
Nikon D70 ©
Dell laptop,
Dell Inspiron computer, Dell monitor, Epson Perfection 1260 Flatbed scanner, which was my first scanner and has a 35mm adapter for slides and negatives, hpinkjet 1012 black and white printer On a side table is a Epson RX 595 color printer/scanner.

 “Memory is a child walking along a seashore.

You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up
and store away among its treasured things.”
~ Pierce Harris, Atlanta Journal

My Memory Box
I got the idea to make a Memory Box from Kingfisher2


I used this beautiful box that I received as a gift from a friend.


Some of the things I have put inside,
that are too big to go into my scrapbooks.
My daughter in law, who scrap-books, suggested that I make notes of the contents and their meaning.
I am a retired Ballet and modern dancing teacher, the one pair is my first satin ballet shoes and the other is the last pair I bought.
We visited South-Africa in 2007 and had a meal at the “Spur” Restaurant, my father wrote a message, dated and signed on the back of the Stella Artois coaster.
Sand from beaches,white gloves from when I taught mime, special cards, my parents gave me a set of castanets when I was very young.

Do you have a memory box?
What is your Hobby?
I would love to hear. 

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  1. Oh Tok, I admire your discipline and organisation so.
    (Good thing you said it was sand in that bag under the castanets, I thought it was pot *lol*)
    My hobbies are many, including the very costly one of scrapbooking, and your know all about my memory boxes 🙂


    • Thanks, now if I could only have the rest of my life run so smoothly.

      ROFL 😉

      I would still love to see your work. You have to do something with all the card-stock.


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