My Light-box

A lightbox is an enclosure (usually a box of some sort) containing white-light balanced fluorescent tubes behind a flat translucent glass or plastic surface on which transparencies or negatives are laid in order to view them.” –

My home made Light-box as seen from the top.
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Nikon D70 ©

My home made Light-box as seen from the bottom.
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Nikon D70 ©

I use a light-box for scrapbooking, which consists of a perspex computer shelf, fluorescent lamps and opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheets as used for cooking.
I got them at a Dollar-store 😉

The light source shouldn’t be too close to the flexible plastic cutting board sheets to diffuse the light evenly.

Please click on the thumb-nail. I love it for tracing, viewing negatives, dry embossing, etc.
I used a smaller version before, which you can see here in the top left corner of my table.

There is a very good article about light-boxes from on How To Use A Light Box For Scrapbooking by Nicole Humphrey


Here you can see the perspex shelf and lights
Please click on the thumb-nail
Nikon D70 ©

My light-box is one of my favorite tools, which is yours?

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  1. Very illuminating! 8)

    I’m checking out all the familiar faces on your Blog Roll (Cindy, Naomi, Amy, Grandawn, Granny, Kate . . .) & wondering how it took so long for our paths to cross.

    Makes me wonder if I’ve had my eyes closed.


    • Well said 😉 It takes up a bit of space, but I use it with every lay-out.

      So many great blogs and so little time ;-(
      I’m glad our paths have crossed.


    • It’s one of my best time saving tools 😉

      I used to use windows, but the sun doesn’t always shine.
      I had a look at the one’s in the stores, but I like the idea that I can disassemble and adjust mine to suit me.

      Look out for a deep frame, old drawer, large shadow box, etc.

      Love the flexible plastic cutting board sheets as well. I spray them with cooking spray and drop hot glue on them for making faux wax seals, pebble accents, etc. A few hours later I just peel them off.


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