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Nikon D70 on Manfrotto Tripod
Gorillapod and Nikon Flash
Photo: Nikon D300 ©

I make digital copies of my traditional layouts to share my passion with friends and family, which also helps me keep a record of supplies, techniques, etc.

I usually scan them, but as they are mostly 12″ x 12″. I have to scan them in two parts and then Photomerge (stitch) them in Adobe Photoshop, which takes time.

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Scanned in two parts and

I have also tried putting them on a table or on my magnetic board, but I have problems with light, reflections on the photos and mostly perspective distortion, which one can correct with Photoshop, but it also takes time.

Here is a great Tutorial on how to do Perspective Distortion Correction.


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Photographed on my
magnetic board.
Photo: Nikon D70 32mm ©

Nikon D70 on Manfrotto Tripod
Gorillapod and Nikon Flash
Photo: Nikon D300 ©

As my latest layout was a bit bulky, I tried using a tripod for the first time. I put a little table underneath, to keep my work off the floor.
The camera is mounted upside down.
You can unscrew the plate at the end of the center column and slide the tube out, reverse it and feed it through from underneath.
We experimented with the flash, but eventually found it easier to attach it to the tripod with a Gorillapod

Sushi Hiro

Sushi Hiro
Photographed with a tripod.
Please click on thumbnail.
Photo: Nikon D70

We plugged the camera into the laptop with a USB cable, so we could see what the photos looked like.

Nikon D70 on Manfrotto Tripod
Gorillapod and Nikon Flash
Dell Laptop with usb cable attached

Photo: Nikon D300 ©

I also attach my finished scrapbook layouts on my magnetic board with magnets when I have to photograph them. I use a flash diffuser to prevent the camera’s flash  from reflecting on the photos. I remove the magnets in Adobe Photoshop with the clone stamp tool. Click here for a Tutorial. Corel Paint ShopPro has a Clone Brush. I correct perspective with Adobe Photoshop. Here is a great Tutorial on how to do Perspective Distortion Correction. The example above is called “East Indian.”

How do you photograph your layouts?

Further reading.

How To: Photograph Your Scrapbook Pages by Crystal Jeffrey Rieger

Tutorial: Photographing Layouts

Photographing Layouts –Cocoa Daisy

Free & Open Source Image Editor


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