Sushi Hiro

Sushi 3Sushi 2Sushi Hiro – Two Pages Size 12″x 12″
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Traditional Scrap-booking
November 2009
Album: Canada
Theme: Restaurant

Detail of Chopstick wrapper
The journaling is rolled up to look like chopsticks
Please see sources

Planning sketch made in Adobe Photsohop C3 Extended
With grid-lines showing
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Planning sketch made in Adobe Photsohop C3 Extended
Without grid-lines showing
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Some of the Supplies I used were:
Decorative Paper for Chopstick Wrapper by The Paper Company “Kobi Wind”
Rubber-stamp set of Chinese characters: Authentic Chinese stamper from Buzzy Brands
Gold paper, cream paper, black ribbon, transparent vellum, gold colored brads, black acid free pen,
Black, white, cream and red card-stock, Black Delta acid free ink pad Rubber Stampede Inc.
“Make it Special” mounting squares, acid free glue stick
Found Objects: Coin, red tassel from Silk tissue holder and red chopstick wrapper.
Photos, letter stamps and red stamp pad.

Techniques: Inked edges


Japanese background from Faith Bible institute
Chinese Fortune cookie sayings from Chinese fortune
Chopstick Wrapper tutorial from Mirkwood designs and template
Business card from Alvin Loh
Library Card pocket template from

Chop Suey Stencil from the book “The art of great Lettering”

“Without messages, quotes, phrases or funny sayings a Fortune Cookie would just be …. any other cookie.

Sushi Hiro Japanese Restaurant, 727 5 Avenue, S W Calgary

You won’t find any westernized sushi here.
And they serve Japanese food from all regions of Japan.
There is a sushi bar and you can order a la carte if you please.”
Calgary Plus


Pronunciation: \ˈsü-shē also ˈsu̇-\

Function: noun

Etymology: Japanese

Date: 1893

: cold rice dressed with vinegar, formed into various shapes and garnished with bits of raw seafood or vegetables.

Print journaling, information, Japanese, fortune cookie sayings, etc. on cream acid free paper.
Print buseness cards on cream acid free card-stock.
Glue Japanese writing onto two pieces of 12 “x 12” cream card-stock, overlapping like a collage.
Ink edges of card-stock with black ink-pad.
Scroll down to see how Ali Edwards does it.
Watch a great YouTube video here

Attach vellum along borders with mounting squares.
Cut two borders from black card-stock, they are about 2 ” wide.
Cut one border slightly smaller than black from red card-stock.
Ink edges of red card-stock with black ink.
Stencil letters onto red border with black acid free pen.
Attach red border to black border with mounting squares.
Attach to one side of vellum using mounting squares.
Thread ribbon onto coin and attach with a gold colored brad.
Stamp signature.
Cut matts from gold paper, red and black card-stock slightly larger than photos,
ink edges of red card-stock and attach with mounting squares.
The focal photo has the extra gold paper as a mat.
Attach red chopstick holder and red tassle to black border of page two with a gold colored brad.
Stamp letters randomly onto decorative paper.
Make chopstick wrapper from decorative paper. Please see sources.
Tie with black ribbon.
Roll journaling up and stamp letters with red ink and tuck into wrapper.
Cut a cream card, stencil with a letter, matt with slightly smaller red cardstock and ink edges of red cardstock with black ink.
Make an envelope using the Library Card pocket templatefrom from black card-stock and tuck wrapper and cards in fr easier removal.
Cut fortune cookie sayings into strips and ink with black.
Attach photos to matts with mounting squares and attach to vellum.
Attach envelope to vellum with mounting squares.
Attach fortune cookie sayings with mounting squares.
Enjoy a glass of wine.
I trust I haven’t left anything out.

My motivation for making these pages were:
Chop Suey Stencil from the book “The art of great Lettering”
Authentic Chinese stamper from Buzzy Brands

The Book “Scrapbook Asian Style”
AuthorKristy Harris
Review of the book by Scrapscene
Search inside this book

Proverbs by Jodi Amedei from My book “Out of Bounds”


“Oriental Lady” Kerry‘s handmade cards
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Photo from layout
Sushi Hiro Restaurant


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