Family Gathering



My Cousin’s Christening in March 1965. Two page layout 12″ x 12″ Scrapbooked October  2009 Photo and envelope contains more information and journaling. I used a diamond matte for the first letter of my titles Font: Occidental 12


Please click on thumb-nail for more information about making the background Collage

Music from


Planning board Please see My Magnetic board

My grandmother (Ouma’s Recipes), parents, uncles, aunts and cousins. My uncle’s house, Stilfontein, Transvaal, South-Africa Photos: My other uncle I am wearing the white bolero top and yellow check dress, both were handmade by my mother. I was about 10 years old. I think my mom looks stunning in this photo, she is on the right in the middle row.


Detail inside Corel Paint Shop Pro Go to effects-edge effects and choose trace contour.

“Becoming a mother from the book “Scrapbooking baby’s Cherished Moments.

Felix Rosenberg From my Creating Keepsakes magazine I used the diamond mat idea for the first letter of my titles

Some of the Supplies used are: Brads: “Forever in time” Corner Sticker on Certificate; Sticker King Clear Caption stamp: “Forever in Time” Paper Flowers: “Forever in time” Mounting squares from “Make it special” Cream, light brown and dark brown Card-stock,Vellum, Lace, Glue gun glue, brown shoe polish, Matt Modge Podge by Plaid, gold photo-corners, etc. Techniques: Create your Own Wax Seal Hint: I spray opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheetsas used for cooking with cooking spray. Wash the sheets and reuse. Masking Images from



My Christening


This is the same grandmother I scrapbooked in Ouma’s Recipes

About Tokeloshe.

Welcome and thank you for visiting. I have been happily married (sic) for 40 years, have one son, a loving daughter in law and three adorable grandsons. We have been in Canada for 20 years and are originally from South-Africa. My first language is Afrikaans. (Ek kan nog Afrikaans praat, lees en skryf.) I love doing mixed media, scrap-booking, blogging and playing on the computer, I am also interested in photography, genealogy, reading, hiking, camping, arts and crafts.
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6 Responses to Family Gathering

  1. nrhatch says:

    Wonderful pages!

    So much fun looking back at the marvelous memories that have filled our lives . . . drop by drop.


  2. colonialist says:

    Fascinating to look at, even if there is nobody one knows. I love the ‘outline’ picture with number identifiers. In a lot of our old pictures, we have lost track of who’s who in the zoo.


    • Tokeloshe says:

      That’s good to hear.

      Yes, it is such a pity ;-(
      It takes a bit of time, but once printed on acid-free paper, it can just be slipped behind the photo.


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