Vancouver Island ’08

B. C. Vacation ’08

B. C. Vacation ’08

There were many Sand-dollars, on Miracle Beach, which the children collected.

Muchalat Lake,19 km from Gold River, on the road from Woss to Gold River.

Vancouver Island Road Map

Kwakiutl Bear Pole, Campbell River.

The next day we drove north to Campbell River. On our way we were very impressed with Miracle beach. Campbell River is a large town large with shops, but unfortunately there is a paper mill. There are many wooden carvings and totem poles. B. C. Vacation ’08

Campbell River.

Kwakiutl Bear Pole,  Campbell River


“The totem pole was carved by the Kwakwala Arts and Crafts organization in Alert Bay in 1966. It was created as part of a project to establish the Route of Totems on Vancouver Island.
Nineteen poles were created, all with the Grizzly Bear used as the dominant element.” – Comox Airport

The mythical bird Kolus, akin to the Thunderbird, tops the pole
with attached outstretched wings and a XwiXwi, part of Comox
history, is on it’s chest. K’How-‘ Jes, the Grizzly Bear, holds
I-a-Hos-kin (canoe) and sits above Dzunukwa, a wild woman
of the woods.” – Comox Airport


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