Cat Creek Falls 2.9.07

Sunday was a lovely day for hiking.
We went to Kananaskis National Park. We hiked Cat Creek Falls.
“Cat Creek Falls are located in the Cat Creek Hills, just north of Highwood, Kananaskis Country. Although small, they can be found along a quaint interpretive trail leading into a steep canyon. The 3 metre falls have a small pool, deep enough for a dip as well. However, the falls are popular and easily accessible, leading the small viewing landing to be easily filled up with visitors. To visit Cat Creek Falls, head to the Highwood area of Kananaskis along highway 40. When you reach Cat Creek, park at the lot on the west side of the road. A number of marked and unmarked trails lead into the canyon, follow these trails (keeping the Cat Creek in sight) for a short 10-15 minutes to the falls. If adventurous, you can climb the steep canyon sides for a view over top the winding Cat Creek Canyon. However, no other falls are accessible due to the steep drop-offs.” – Celtic Cowpokes

There were a few people at the waterfall, some were catching fish, in the pool. There are signs which tell of mining in the past and the history of glaciers. There are bridges crossing the creek.

More information: Hike Alberta

We scrambled up the side and found a lovely secluded spot and a smaller fall. The loop is about 5 Kilometers.
We relaxed and had lunch at Elpoco day use.

Sheep in a parking area.

Bear Activity.
Tokeloshe ©.

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