Newfoundland- June 2007

We went to Newfoundland, Canada for a week before our son’s wedding.

Newfoundland Map 

The weather was mostly nice, for this time of the year. We had one foggy day, the day of the wedding, which made for interesting photos, but we also had two gloriously sunny days.

It was lovely to see everybody again; we were welcomed by all and had lovely food, mostly Newfoundland fare, which we enjoyed very much.
We stayed in a nice B & B in Torbay, close to St. Johns, which overlooks the bay.

Some mornings we saw some whales but, they were too far away to take photos of.
It was nice to revisit Signal Hill, the Gabbot, Quidi Vidi village, Conception Bay, Portugal cove, Flat-rock, Petty harbor and Cape Spear again.

We also drove part of the Irish Loop which we had done before and saw a beautiful iceberg in Witless Bay.

We drove past many fishing villages and went to Bell Island again by ferry, where we saw chimney stacks, birds, a lighthouse and lovely scenery, from there we saw more icebergs, but they were a bit far away.

Another day we drove to Cape St Mary’s ecological reserve, it was our first visit.

It is one of the largest, most accessible and spectacular seabird rookeries in the world. It has Gannets, Kittiwakes, Murres, beautiful scenery and a lighthouse. 

We also saw sheep, an Eagle and some Gannet chicks.

The wedding went well despite the fog and scattered showers, our daughter in law looked beautiful, our son was dashing, the food was very good, the wedding cake, which they had made was delicious as well as attractive. The speeches were short and complimentary and the music was good. I enjoyed the opening dance, a Jive, very much, the tables and venue was very nicely decorated. The guests were all very friendly and every body made us feel welcome and so we enjoyed ourselves very much. 

When we got home in Calgary we fetched the dogs and cat from the kennels, we laughed at “Basket case” although it wasn’t funny for her, she was so stressed, she kept on meowing what sounded like ” Hello Mommy!”

I would ❤️ to hear from you.

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