HeritageCreated 2007
12 ” x 12″
This is one of the first layouts I made, I used distressed copies of family documents, copies of photos, real old South-African postage stamps, copies of newspaper articles, etc.
Red Seal made with hot glue.

Photo from layout
My great Paternal Grandfather and he’s son.
Circa 1911

Create your Own Wax Seal

Hint: I spray opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheets as used for cooking with cooking spray. Wash the sheets and reuse.

How to make faux wax seals
by Claudia Reyes

How to Create Faux Wax Seals by Laura Williams

My Scrapbook


  1. That really worked well. I found myself staring at all aspects of it with fascination. It is like turning out an old hidden drawer and looking at the contents.


    • Thank you very much.

      It is exactly what I tried to capture.

      In 2004 when we visited South-Africa my father gave me a shoe-box filled with wonderful treasures and until then I hadn’t even realized he had. I literally flew with the box on my lap.
      When I got to Canada I immediately started sorting and put everything in albums, but I should have spread everything on a table and taken photographs.


    • We have come a long way in a century.
      That is so true and to think there are people who have lived that long.
      I often wonder what our ancestors would think of today, especially cameras and photos.


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