Rafter 6.

Rafter Six Ranch 16.6.05

Mnr. T. se werk het verlede Vrydag gaan “river-raft” in Kananaskis, die weer was nie sleg nie.
‘n Klompie van ons het daarna ontmoet vir ‘n paar Martinis en dansery by dieselfde huis waar ons die martini party gehad het. Ek het ook ‘n Pinacalada gehad, m-m-m dit is lekker.

“Standing three stories high, this beautifully crafted log structure is one of the largest in the World. Designed in 1977 by the current owners, Stan and Gloria Cowley , the Lodge opened for business in 1978.

“Rafter Six Ranch has been the backdrop for many wilderness themed Movies and TV Shows. Productions like, Grizzly Adams, Wilderness Family, Wolf Boy, and Across the Great Divide (Stan Cowley’s movie debut!) have all been shot at the Resort. During the filming of Blood River, with Wilford Brimley and Rick Schroeder, Mister Schroeder met his future bride. In 1994 the TV Movie, How the West Was Fun, using Rafter Six Ranch ‘s name, starred Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and was filmed on location. ”
Rafter six

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