Grotto Canyon.


In Alberta, Heritage Day is celebrated on the first Monday in August.

“Grotto Mountain is a mountain located in the Bow River valley, across from Canmore, Alberta, Canada. It is a popular hiking spot among locals and is home to the Rat’s Nest Cave. The mountain was named for a grotto-like cave with it.“- Wikipedia

We went hiking at Grotto Canyon, (20 degrees) which is close to Canmore and popular for mountain and ice climbing.

On our way there we saw an eagle at Glen Eagles, Cochran.

It is an easy, but interesting hike.

: Access the trailhead at the Grotto Lake parking lot 12 kms from Canmore on the 1A highway past the Baymag plant #2. The Creekbed is approximately 1 kilometre from the parking lot.
DURATION: 1.5-2 Hours

Kris with her backpack.

There were mountain climbers, a waterfall, Hopi Indian pictographs, friendly hikers, Hoodoos and the walls are lovely.

“The ancient myth of the Hopi people and their descendants is described in the Book of the Hopi. The pictographs found at Grotto Canyon depict animals and humans and appear to be between 500 to 1300 years old. The flute player, which is one of the more clear pictographs along the limestone wall of the canyon, is the symbol of the Hopi people and was only used by them. According to the book, when the Hopi originally came to North America, they split and travelled in 4 different directions. They were to meet again at a common place which ended up being present day Arizona.”- Outdoor Escape

Grotto Canyon A Fun Canyon Hike

Grotto Creek Canyon – Bow Valley – Hiking Alberta

Grotto Canyon Pictographs (Summer) Hike

On our way back we saw a few seaplanes filling up with water from Ghost dam and dropping it onto the forest fires.  Forest Fires

Tokeloshe ©

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