Portugal Cove.

portugal cove

“Where the sun meets the sea.”
One day as we were climbing on the rocks in Portugal Cove, we came upon a gulls nest with eggs, I almost stepped onto them, they were so well camouflaged and next to wild flowers. A few days later we noticed one egg had a crack, the next day a chick had come out, a few days later the chick was gone, it must have been caught by a cat. “There-and-back” (our dog) chased butterflies in the meadows. There are small caves and stacks, but they are difficult to get to because of the high cliffs. Apparently there have been landslides, which have buried houses and hurt people in the past.


Ama Bok

Blast hole hike

A misty day of 17 ° C. we went exploring close to Blast Hole ponds, which leads to a high hill overlooking P.C. and the pond. It was interesting to see the mist swirl from Bell Island over the pond. There are hundreds of ponds here. There were lovely ferns, a large orange mushroom and many Pitcher Plants, which is the National flower of Newfoundland. Hairs in the interior point downward so that insects that enter the pitcher has a very hard time getting out. The hairs push the insects farther down until they land in the acidic fluids.

Mr. Tokeloshe went diving off the rocks with he’s wet suit, the water was as cold as the Cape’s water, I could see fish in the water from the rocks. The fish are not used to humans and he could touch some, he also saw many Sea Anemones. He got many large Mussels and enjoyed himself. There are thousands of wrecks on the Newfoundland coastline. We hiked up Grayman’s beard, which is close enough to our house to walk to. The walk was past meadows with wildflowers, even Irises. The view from up top was lovely, I must take photographs of the Beard in winter. ‘Grayman’s Beard, sometimes also called Graham’s Beard, is a large outcrop of rock overlooking the United Church in Portugal Cove. This attraction got its name because of its appearance in the winter. As water drips down the face of the rock, it forms a cluster of large icicles, which to some, looks like a man with a heavy beard. The top of this 500-foot hill provides a breathtaking view of Portugal Cove and Conception Bay, both in the day and the night.”


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