I went with Mr. Tokeloshe on a business road trip in Alberta; we drove over a thousand K’s. I saw Red Deer (prairie town), Edmonton, etc. We stayed over in Grand Prairie (Prairies), I slept late, watched TV, read, went shopping, to the library, etc. while he was at work, in the evenings we ate out and went to the movies.

G.P is like a suburb of Calgary, it has everything, “Superstore”, “Wall-mart”, “Zellers”, etc. One day I was in Co-op, at the till I handed the lady my keys by the tag, which is my Co-op club card. She just looked at me blankly; they don’t have key tags there yet.

We drove hundreds of K’s on the Alaska Highway, there are signs pointing the way to Alaska, I wanted to take a photograph, but didn’t. They are still busy building parts of it into a double highway, which seems unnecessary, but apparently there is many wildlife, parts are called Moose Gap and they have slower speeds at night. There are many trees at the side of the road, so the animals come into the open of the highway.

At Grand Cache it really started getting beautiful, with the fall colors, it reminded me of Golden Gate in South Africa.

We drove back through Jasper National Park and stayed over in Jasper. Jasper is a tourist town surrounded by mountains, there are restaurants, lodging, gift shops, hot springs and even a Totem pole.

We went to the Malign Canyon, which was spectacular. Athabasca falls where I did some rock climbing. Ha-Ha. (Make beleive) We took photos of autumn colors and mountains reflected in the beautiful lakes. We stopped at Athabasca glacier again, remember we went there with Mr. Tokeloshe’s folks, but it was raining then. This time the sun was shining. There are many lovely glaciers on the road.

We visited Jasper in 2006 again.

Tokeloshe ©.

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