I created one 12″ x 12″ page using a photo of my grandfather . I have scrapbo0oked him before in “Games” and “Timeless“. Oupa is Afrikaans for grandfather. The tag has more information about the photo. My inspiration for the layout was “A moment in time” by Amanda Aveiro who blogs at Qween of the Crop. I scanned the layout using an Epson scanner.


Close up of clock which was made with hot glue. Nikon D70 ©


Close up of tags. Nikon D70 ©

Some of the supplies and tools I used were:Tissue paper, Plaid, Gesso, modge podge, a hairdryer, alphabet stencil, acrylic paints,Tag template, eyeshadow applicator, sticky notes, wood mounted rubberstamp, etc. I used the hairdryer to speed up drying time.

Fearless Tag Art Video Tutorial

I fasten the clock pattern under card-stock, attached with pegs on to My Light-Box to do the hot glue clock on the card-stock. My glue gun is on a trivet at the back. Please note, do not use Hot glue for photos, the heat and acidity can harm your photos. I covered the glue with layers of acid-free paint.  Nikon D70 ©

Patterned paper by K & Company Memory Stor,

Some of the other supplies and tools I used were: “Time Will Tell” Nostalgiques Stickers by Rebecca Sower, Inkadinkado® wood mounted Rubber Stamp-“Time Flies”, string beads, photo corners, adhesive, photo mounting squares, Gold acrylic paint, brads, hot glue, a glue gun,  ink, cardstock,  etc.

SourcesClock Face with Roman Numerals from The Graphics Fairy

Photo from layout. My Paternal Grandfather. Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit. (20.9.1894-1.10.1970) Circa 1969 Digital copy of a photo in my sister’s collection. My grandfather was the best grandfather one could wish for; he always wore a pocket watch, a pair of braces, a pocket-knife, a small Derringer revolver, handkerchief, a hat and a jacket. He used to visit us regularly for a few days, arriving by train and then playing board and card-games with me for hours.  He was always very friendly and used to delight my friends and I with magic tricks as well.

Timeless Please click above for more.

Please click above for more.

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Our Camper equipment.

We have quite a few Hammocks and we even sleep outside weather permitting. This hammock is 11 foot long and 7 1/2 foot wide, so that you can lay across it.
You can read here about the hammock angle.  Hubby made our hammocks from Taffeta material (banquet table-cloths.) Sourced from Tablecloths.com.

Sleeping in a hammock guide.

Sleeping In A Hammock: Your Complete Guide To Healthy Hammock Sleep

The Basics of hammock camping.

A Coffee percolator, Cast-Iron Lid Lifter by Lodge Logic® and #1/2 cast  iron “potjie” (pronunciation “poy-key”), on a portable Coleman propane stove. We cut a whole in the center of a coffee paper filter and put it into the percolator for easier clean up.

Dinner consisting of “pap” (Maize Porridge) cooked in a cast #1/2 Iron “potjie” (pronunciation “poy-key”), Afrikaans for a three-legged iron pot used for cooking over a wood fire, “smoor-sous” (A South African tomato and onion sauce), fried eggs and lamb-chops. The egg rings, keep the eggs round and prevent them from running into the sauce.


We use an Aluminium pressure cooker, 5 quart (pretty and explosion proof!?).


Steaming potatoes in the pressure cooker on the Coleman Propane stove.

Our fire-pit, which we use when we boondock, is made from a pipe culvert collar. There is a number 1/2 “Potjie” next to it.

Lodge™ Tall Boy Camp Dutch Oven Tripod, which we store in a white PVC pipe, Lodge Logic® Cast-Iron Camp Dutch Oven Lid Lifter – 15”9 (on the newspaper in the right)

Paptert” (Porridge Pie) in a Dutch oven. South African side dish with BBQ!



When we boondock, we rake the campsite with a collapsible rake for broken glass, etc.

We use a small 12V 200 GPH bilge pump, to pump water in the camper from a water container. We got the pump from Princess Auto, but is available at many stores. Please click here for more information.

Some of our Tarps, please click here for more.

We sometimes use a camouflage net for privacy in campgrounds.

We use a shade-net, which fastens onto the canopy, provides shade, helps keep the mosquitoes out, is a wind-breaker and gives privacy when we camp in campgrounds.

Lodge Logic Combo Cooker “The lower 3-quart pan of the combo cooker can be used as a dutch oven, fryer, or even a skillet, while the lid can be turned over and put onto a burner or over a campfire and used as a griddle or skillet.”-Bass Pro

Lodge Logic Combo Cooker on the fire.

We can adjust the height of the grill with the rebar rods.

Baking scones in a cast iron Muffin pan.

Coals on top of the Lodge dutch oven, the lid has a raised lip.

Another pipe culvert collar. There is a dutch oven inside with coals on the lid, on the right you can see the charcoal chimney starter. You can see more photos by clicking here.

Stainless steal grill, which we sprayed with cooking spray before grilling over an open fire.

A Braai Pie in a grill.

We use a Garmin GPS

The lantern is filled with Citronella oil for the bugs and light.

The PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp works well for the dogs (and us as well, old age and all).

C-Tech Wireless Weather Station.


A small Coleman solar panel.

Electronics charging in the truck. Please see the next photo.

Charging the camera battery in the truck using a MotoMaster Eliminator 100 W Inverter, which is available from Canadian Tire.

Boondocking hints.

Camper hints. Camping Recipes.

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Camping in Spring.


We went boondocking for a few days near Sundre, Alberta, Canada in the Bearberry Valley. It was our first camp of the season.  Although we have camped in the area quite often, it was the first time that we camped at this spot. We hardly saw any people and it was very quite, we only heard birds and frogs.


“One dictionary defines boondocks as slang for rough backwoods or bush country. The term boondocking, also known to RV enthusiast as dispersed camping, dry camping or coyote camping, is used to describe camping in the midst of nature without the use of commercial campgrounds and hookups.” – Boondocking guide.com


Birch Trees.


Magic hour.


We had clear skies most evenings, which is great for stargazing.


The best television set ever.


We bring along our own fire pit.


As usual the dogs Kris and Skokijan loved quading.


We think this is a female Pine Grosbeak.


The dogs also love riding in the back of the truck.

1-DSC_1561 Skokijan.




We love our Gravity chairs, or as we call them star-gazers.


Me with my favourite camera, the Nikon D70.


There was a lot of firewood, so we used some for knife targets.


Hubby throwing knives.

Me trying to throw knives.


Getting over my fear of knives.

Check this out Xolette, “The Knife Thrower”



Our “Potjie oven” made from a heavy walled Aluminum pot (a thrift-store special.)


Hubby made a delicious curry Chicken “potjie” (pronunciation “poy-key”) with vegetables.

“Potjie” made with Chicken, mushrooms, onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, etc.
(Afrikaans for a three-legged iron pot used for cooking over a wood fire)

1-DSCN3381 Our cabin on wheels.


La dolce vita


We saw some Deer, Bison and Feral Horses.


“Wild horses” or “feral horses”? The debate rages on in Alberta, Canada. The provincial government believes that the wild horses west of Sundre, Alberta are the descendants of domestic horses used in logging and guiding/outfitting operations in the early 1900’s. The Wild Horse Society of Alberta (WHOAS) believes that they are of Spanish descent. WHOAS is so sure of this that they have sent away DNA samples to the University of Texas, Equine Genetics Lab for testing.” – Wild Horses of Alberta


Chewed Bridge Buffalo Ranch.


Chewed Bridge Buffalo Ranch.


Chewed Bridge Buffalo Ranch.


Chewed Bridge Buffalo Ranch.


From record temps to near hurricane-force winds in Alberta.

It was quite hot on Friday for this time of year and the wind blew a lot on Saturday making it feel much colder, but fortunately we were between the trees, we didn’t know it at the time but Alberta experienced extreme weather.

“On Friday, there were 21 new heat records set in British Columbia and six set in Alberta. Another four locations, including Calgary, were within 1.5 degrees Celsius of making history.”

” In a release on Saturday, Environment Canada confirmed peak wind gusts in the province were recorded at 117 km/h in Bassano. A ‘Category One Hurricane wind’ according to the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale, starts with sustained winds of 119 km/h.”

 Camping Links Campgrounds Boondocking

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Camping Links.

Our Camper
These are some of our favorite camping Links.
When I did this post all the links worked.


Camping Recipes

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1-Games 1

1-Games 2

I created two 12″ x 12″ pages using a photo of my grandfather and I, there is more information about the photo at the bottom of the page. I have scrapbooked him before and you can see the layout here. The envelope on the second page in the pocket has more information about the photo and my grandfather. I tucked Monopoly cards and money, which I got from my mother in law, into non archival sports collector sleeves. The Monopoly rules and more Monopoly money is in a memorabilia pocket.  I used a checkerboard pattern for the background. I altered some playing cards, with rubberstamps, crackle, ink, etc. I did test the cards with a PH pen and they were acidfree.

1-Altered card 1Clear acrylic flourish rubberstamp with inked edges.

1-Altered card 3
Computer strips with Inked edges.

1-Altered card 4
Clear acrylic flourish rubberstamp and wood mounted rubber-stamps.

1-Altered card 5
Wings Wood mounted rubber-stamp and Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad – Vintage Photo, spritzed with water and dried with a heat gun.

1-Altered card 6

Tim Holtz Ranger Inkssentials Clear  Crackle Medium, using a foam brush, when it was dry I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad – Vintage Photo, spritzed with water and dried with a heatgun.

1-Altered cards

Some of the other supplies and tools I used were: Patterned Paper: “Slab V” by Provo Craft, letter tiles from a Collage Kit by Creativity Inc.,Tsukineko Walnut Ink Antiquing Solution Spray, Maya Road fresh chipboard scrolls 2, , Tape measure sticker by Forever in time, “Time Will Tell” Nostalgiques Stickers by Rebecca Sower. Flourish clear acrylic rubberstamp by “Forever in time”, wood mounted rubbertamps, Tim Holtz Ranger Inkssentials Clear Crackle Medium. photo corners, bone folder, scoring board, chipboard alphabet, playing cards, make up sponges, hairdryer, acrylic paint, inpads, acidfree memorabilia pocket, solid card-stock, Acrylic paint, etc.


Some of my sources were: Free Bingo Cards for you! and Coin Envelope Template from Chia’s house of stir fry.

My inspiration for the layout was “Wonderland” by Jennifer Hottinger Sloan, from the Canadian Scrapbooker magazine Fall 2011.

Photo from Layout.
My Paternal Grandfather Jan Harmse Nieuwoudt Smit (20.9.1894-1.10.1970) and I.
18.7.1965 Klerksdorp, South Africa.
The photo was takn by My father Petrus Johannes Smit with a Kodak Brownie Camera.

Monopoly Game Card Generator

My grandfather was the best grandfather one could wish for; he always wore a pocket watch, a pair of braces, a pocket-knife, a small Derringer revolver, handkerchief, a hat and a jacket. He used to visit us regularly for a few days, arriving by train and then playing board and card-games with me for hours.  He was always very friendly and used to delight my friends and me with magic tricks as well.

Timeless page 1.
Please click above for more.

Timeless Page 2.
Please click above for more.

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I♥ my Råskog.

My Råskog.
Nikon D70 ©

Half the fun of being a scrapbooker is reorganizing your stash. In the winter I work upstairs, so that I have more natural light and it is warmer than My Craftroomwhich is in the basement.  Until recently I have been working on the dining room table, but I was taking it over, as you can see here.  So I have moved my Portable craftstation to our home office. I have a small magnetic board against the wall for planning. I have larger ones in My Craftroom, which you can see here. Nikon Coolpix ©



My most used supplies are on the table. I have been fortunate enough to acquire a few 12″ x 12″ Iris storage containers for a good price from a thrift-store, which I find handy for storing the supplies I am working on for a layout. Here you can see gathered supplies in the Iris. The pages in progress (P.I.P) are under glass sheets to protect them when I’m not working on them. The tab;e protector is a opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheet as used for cooking.Nikon D70 ©



I love my Råskog cart which is available from Ikea and very popular with scrap-bookers.  Ikea sells Bygel containers, Antonius divided organisers and Wire Mesh Pencil Holders, which work well with the Råskog. Wire Mesh Pencil Holders are also available from Dollar stores, but Ikea’s fit nicely in the Antonius baskets. The Antonius is slightly smaller than the Råskog basket, but one can tuck things in at the back and the basket also prevents them from slipping down. Nikon D70 ©


Bygel containers are handy to keep glue-guns, glue sticks, heatguns, a hairdrier, etc. in. Plastic milk jugs also hook nicely over the side. Because the cart is magnetic, wire baskets, magnetic spice jars, magnetic bull-dog clips, etc. can also be attached to the sides. The magnetic baskets can’t take too much weight. My templates hang from the magnetic bull dog clip. Bygel Wire baskets can also be hung over the sides using Bygel S hooks. Nikon D70 ©


The Top Tier holds my most used tools, like adhesives, cutting mats, a scoring board, a pencil sharpener, etc. Not all my Pencil cups from Ikea are the same color as they were a thrift-store find ;-) Nikon D70 ©



The Center tier holds, pop dots, foam adhesives, baby wipes, small bull-dog clips, inks, journaling paper, etc. Here you can see how I use the small bull-dog clips. Nikon D70 ©



The bottom tier holds lesser used tools. Modge Podge, small punches, etc. The Wire Mesh Pencil Holders are from a Dollar store. I store my Paper trimmer under the tier.  Nikon D70 ©


These are some of my most popular supplies, tools, etc.

Alphabet stamps small.
Alphabet stencil.
Bone folder
Bulldog clips small.
Cardstock scrap pack
Coloring Pencils
Craft Knife
Cutting mat.
Date stamp
Disposable containers
Embossing tools Eyeshadow applicators
Emory board
Eraser brush.
Glue Gun
Glue sticks
Ink pad holder.
Journal pens
Heat proof mat.
Hole punch small.
Magnetic spice holders
Metal magnetic baskets
Nail clipper Big
Nail Clipper small
Pencil Pencil case.
Pencil Eraser
Pencil holders.
Pencil sharpener
Pens (not acid-free)
Photo Corners
Pop Dots
Retractable Eraser
Rubber Stamps Favourite
Ruler Metal cork back
Scissor Big
Scissor Edging
Scissor Small
Scissor Medium
Scrap paper
Stamp Cleaner
Tool-holder Tall
Wet wipes.

Scrapbooking Downstairs with my Raskog Cart.

Pimp My Råskog (Facebook)

DOKUMENT Pencil cup from Ikea

My Craftroom. Please click above for more photos.

Portable craftstation. Please click above for more photos.

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1-London 1

1-London 2

1-London 3

I created three 12″ x 12″ pages of our March 2007 visit to England. Some of the supplies and tools I used were “World Traveler” wood mounted stamp by Inkadinkado, Postage Stamp wood mounted stamp, Walnut Hollow® HotMarks Tool, postcards, postage stamps, white letter stickers, circle punches, small hole punch, mementos, Cardstock, photo-corners, Aquarelle coloring pencils, photo sleeves, etc. I made memorabilia pockets using the HotMarks tool. Video here.

Hint: When making a grid layout, I print photos with a border, then I cut the borders off, to fit photos onto a 12 “x 12” page.
My inspiration was “London points of interest” by Laura Nichols in the Crafts magazine “Big Ideas for little accents”.

British Flag Coloring Page.

Making Sealed Pouches Using the HotMarks Tool



Ideas for Arranging Your Elements in a Grid

Some of our photos from the layout.

Trafalgar Square, London, England.

Nikon D70 ©


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Ballet Solo.


I scrapbooked one 12″x12″ page, using a photo of myself as a child. I covered cardstock with lace using modge podge. The layout was photographed by me with a Nikon D70 © My inspiration was “Heritage 3” by JLRich on Scrapbook.com


Close up of the flowers and string pearl ribbon cord, which is attached with hot glue. I got the flowers from a thirft-store, but they are available in the bridal department. I added Pearl accents to the centers, which I attached with hot glue. Nikon D70 ©


Close up of the dress I made, I used pearl ribbon cord for the shoulder straps and decorated it with a Pearl accent Nikon D70 ©

Dress Up with Stampin’ Up!
Here is the video


Corset invitationTemplate on Pinterest.
I resized it on the computer.


I was lucky the lace I used for the dress had a scalloped edge, which followed the line of the template. Nikon D70 ©


I cut out the template for the dress from an opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheet as used for cooking. I get them at Dollar-stores. It is marked with a permanent marker. The shape was cut from chipboard.  I was going to use the little hanger made from a paperclip, but I decided it was too small. I use these little pink clips while drying the glue. Nikon D70 ©

I punch a hole in my templates and hang them from a shower curtain ring, you ca see more photos here. You can find some of the templates on my Pinterest board. Nikon D70 ©


The dress taking shape. I didn’t singe the tulle as shown in the video, as my hot glue started to melt :-) Nikon D70 ©


Sources: Dress tutorial and videoPaperclip hanger, dresses, etc.
Some of the supplies and tools I used were: Pearl accents by Forever in time, Cardstock, Chipboard, Lace, Tulle, fabric flowers, pearl ribbon cord, by “Home Sweet Home”, Modge Podge by Plaid, foam brush, a Glue-gun, hot glue, acrylic paint, a silicone mat, craft knife, ruler, pencils, Emory board, a brad, etc.

1-Linda Smit ballet B&W1963rest

Photo of myself used for the layout. Taken on 9.20.1963 when I was 8 years old, after competing in The Springs, South Africa music festival, which was held at the Springs, South Africa town hall.  I received a merit award in the 7-9 yrs solo section.  The white tutu was rented. The photo was taken by Johnson’s Studio in Springs, South Africa.

I was very fortunate that I was able to take ballet lessons since I was about 6 years old. My first teachers were the Gardner Sisters who taught Royal Academy of dancing at the Masonic Hall, which was on the corner of First avenue and 7th street, in Springs.

Springs, South Africa town hall, photo from Genealogyworld.net

Ballet two pages.

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I scrapbooked two 12″x12″ pages of my grandmother Pieteriza Cilliers Van Ellewee (7.10.01- 7.7.1992), who I have scrap-booked before and which you can see here and here. Ouma is Afrikaans for Grandmother. The card contains information on my grandmother and the photos.

The photos of my grandmother were taken Circa 1970. The photo where she is wearing a chain was taken by the Photographer Stella Nova, Brakpan, South Africa.

I scanned the lay-out with an Epson printer scanner. My inspiration was “Ellen Rhoades” by Wendy Sue Anderson from the Creating Keepsakes magazine of November 2003. The patterned paper I used was Celebrations from Memory Block 4. The font is Courier New.


Some of the other supplies and tools that I used were : Alphabet stickers from Ancestry.com Scrap Kit By K&Company – Ancestry.com, postage stamp clip art from Namib Stamps, photo-corners, brads, cardstock, ribbon, gold stickers by Sticker King, copies of post-cards, gold-colored plastic buttons, hot glue, glue gun, gold embossing powder, heat gun, date-stamp, ink-pads, bone folder (optional), scoring board (optional), small hole punch, etc.

Hints: I store eye-shadow applicators with my ink pads to ink the edges of cardstock, remove small stickers with a small craft knife and I use a tweezers to place them. I break off the backs of plastic buttons with small pliers.

Clipart for the blog post: Victorian Traditions.
The graphics for the blog was made using some of grandmother’s mementos.

Grandmother’s cards
Please click above for more.

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I ♥ Tags.

Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Aunts, uncles and cousins.
Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Please click on thumb-nail for more.

First Snow.
Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Great Aunt Alida.
Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Our aunts, uncles and cousins.
Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Journaling Spots.
Please click on thumb-nail for more.

Scrapbooking while camping.
Please click above for more.



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